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7valleyslogo140.jpgI must get better sleeping pills.

These Big Tobacco guys are just plain old wrong. But the Anti-Tobacco forces are just plain wrong too.

Here’s what has me up at night, and it’s not the viability of the 7 Valleys Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco brand or our wonderful franchisees, Business is GREAT!

What keeps me up at night is need for a noble attempt to try to bring some sanity into tobacco.

The Anti-Tobacco folks (Which I call the Antis) claim they want a smoke free world. They wish all tobacco would just disappear and daisies would sprout where tobacco once flourished. They know that will never happen, but like the kid who ate the last cookie in the jar, they are too far down the road to acknowledge what they already know.

Take, for instance, the state legislators who, while smiling in the Anti-Tobacco lobbyists’ faces and nodding their heads in unison about the evils of tobacco, have already sold bonds based on the taxes they earn for tobacco for the next 30 years. California just filed to leverage their tobacco tax income out to the year 2047!!! That’s in a state where you can’t even smoke a cigar at an outside baseball game in a county park anymore! What???

But being Anti-tobacco is an industry now. The Antis have jobs to protect. So while they know that what they advocate will never happen, they continue to put the screws to law abiding adult consumers of tobacco. They publicly advocate and raise money from unsuspecting but noble donors, while privately acknowledging the truth that tobacco will never be eliminated, that adults will continue to smoke, and that the legislators will high five them with a wink and a nod, then go and do the dirty work.
make your own cigarettes, myo, roll your own tobacco, ryo

Big Tobacco willfully funds all of this nonsense because it shields them from any class action lawsuits (the greatest benefit of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement). The MSA as we call it requires Big Tobacco to pay into a fund to pay the Antis and the money they have to pay the states is supposed to be used to reduce smoking.
Once the MSA was settled (with 46 states), Big Tobacco’s stock soared. Why? Because they got shielding from devastating and costly lawsuits and all they had to do was raise prices and pass that money through to the states. Big Tobacco’s consumers are paying for Big Tobacco’s insurance against state sponsored class action lawsuits. Hey, these guys aren’t tobacconists…they are businessmen; and damn good ones at that! They probably fired half of their legal staff too.

What do the states do with those millions? Well you’d think with all the pressure from the Antis they would fund cigarette consumption reduction campaigns. But you’re forgetting the wink and smile politics of the Antis. The States use that money to close budget gaps. The Antis are thrilled because they still have jobs funded by the pocket change leftover by the millions and millions of consumer money that Big Tobacco is passing through to them that isn’t being used by the states for general funding purposes.

We at 7 Valleys Custom Blends have a much better idea. Make your cigarettes yourself so you know what’s in it, and avoid the ridiculous cigarette taxes in the first place! Don’t start smoking if you don’t already, quit if you can, and if you don’t want to quit AT LEAST rise above Big Tobacco, prove you don’t need them, and laugh as the Big Tobacco companies squirm in the mess they created for themselves. It’s actually fun to watch them cannibalize themselves!


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