The ban on Kreteks, clove & flavored cigarettes is ridiculous, is an infringement on our rights and should be repealed immediately.

That’s the overwhelming consensus of our readers.

Valley Girl writes:

What can we do to get the ban of clove cigarettes lifted? I wont my freedom of choice back. How can the gov. just ban something? We could wake up tomorrow and find all tobacco products banned. Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this outrage.

lynette writes:

I smoke djarum black, and I agree they are hard to find as well as expensive. This isn’t about kids smoking, its about the government showing authority again. I feel that if they are going to ban one kind of cigarette they should ban them all

jodi writes:

Well I would like to say I smoke the flavor cigerettes and say its a bunch of shit when u cant do what you want. we are grown adults lets be real we dont tell fat people to stop eating so they dont need to tell us to stop smoking. No wonder i didnt vote for this president he is just like the rest of them useless.

sara writes:

I had been a smoker of the camel signature infused for a couple of years now and I am honestly shocked at the ignorance of politicians these days. Most people I know started smoking with Marborlo Lights so isn’t it logical to take those off the market? I mean honestly if adult smokers can’t choose to smoke something different (i.e. cloves or flavored tobacco) how many basic pleasures can the government take away from us?

I do not have children but I think that not having your children smoke is based solely on the parent. If you don’t keep an eye on them they were do all sorts of bad things. Children find new and different ways to get high and wasted every day. Since when is flavored tobacco the most important thing we have to worry about?!


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  1. Meine Liebe Rauchener,
    A hallmark of the National Socialist’s policy was a maniacal no smoking campaign.
    All this and more will get worse.
    I’m enjoying one of my Premier Excel homemade ciggies now. Can’t order the tobacco after 6/30.
    Good luck all.

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