Americans are voicing their outrage about the ban of flavored cigarettes including clove cigarettes & kreteks. Add your comment below.
Tom Wrote: “Is fruit flavored alcohol next?”

Alabama Girl wrote: “It’s sad to think we actually have a government that thinks if they ban flavored tobacco that it will solve under age smoking. I don’t recall in the 1920’s through present always having flavored tobacco?

“Although we have alot of our seniors that have been smoking since then.Yes, we’ve had alot that died of cancer from it but we have had alot that died from cancer that never even picked up a nicotine product.I don’t smoke nor have I ever…but if we have our military fighting for freedom everywhere and we don’t even have the freedom here at home what have we acomplished?

“It’s a sad life to live smoking I’m sure but it’s a choice and a freedom ! I nor anyone with a good head on their shoulders should have to have the government to say I can’t buy it to stop smoking. I understand it’s an addition but it was also a choice to start the addition ! From my understanding the flavored tobacco smoked to a hookah or waterpipe like many use it for is not as bad as a pack of cigarettes right? After All doesn’t our new president smoke? Does this law also apply to him?

“Myself knowing that if I started anything that I thought I’d be addicted to…I would never start it to begin with! ITS ALL ABOUT CHOICE!!!”

jean-paul wrote: “i smoke cloves but i certainly didnt start out as a kid and also if a kid chooses to smoke they certainly probably wont be smokeing cloves prolly normal cigs this is rediculous and socialistic”

Kirstie Pierce wrote: “I’m tired of our government making laws that prohitibit my freedoms, such as the choice to smoke cloves cigarettes at a legal age, for a little extra money from the tobacco lobbyists! Putting the innocent faces of the children in front of your law doesn’t make it any less than that.

“Underage smokers will smoke whatever they can get. I started at 14, not off the cloves I love today, but Newport cigarettes. Disgusting, fiberglass containing, hack-your-lungs-out, yet popular Newports. That’s exactly why I began smoking them, everyone in school had them! They were easy to come by. Not until I was of legal age to buy cigarettes did I even know cloves existed, and you’re trying to say that a cigarette children have never heard of is going to lure them into smoking somehow?”


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  1. What can we do to get the ban of clove cigarettes lifted? I wont my freedom of choice back. How can the gov. just ban something? We could wake up tomorrow and find all tobacco products banned. Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this outrage.

  2. I’m from Maryland where the state had already banned clove cigarettes. I was used to trekking down to D.C. (where they were close to $9 a pack) or into Virginia (where they were hard to find) to get some clove cigarettes. I didn’t start smoking till I turned 18, and it was almost a year after that until I even discovered clove cigarettes.

    I love clove cigarettes and always will. I savored them like you would a good glass of wine. They were that special to me. Some days a cup of coffee, or chai tea and a clove cigarette were the only small pleasure I got all day long. Now that cloves have been banned I feel like we adult tobacco consumers are being punished for not buying a “mainstream” brand of tobacco.

    I have vowed never again to buy any Philip Morris product simply because they lobbied for the bill to pass that banned clove cigarettes. (See the following: If possible I opt to buy either an RJ Reynolds Brand (just to spite Philip Morris, and because Camel Crush cigarettes aren’t too bad) or a brand that’s not owned by some huge corporation.

    I won’t be happy until I can buy clove cigarettes again, lets just hope that day comes soon.

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