Are you outraged over the ban of Clove Cigarettes?  Tell the government what you think below.

Even after losing the fight (so far) against the ban of flavored & clove cigarettes, the arguments against this egregious breach on personal liberty lingers.  Here’s what some readers had to say.  Ben wrote:

“Dear Sirs,

“I am writing to inform you that I believe that my Constitutional Rights are being violated by the recent ban on Kreteks. I agree wholeheartedly that tobacco usage should continue to be regulated and NEVER sold to minors. However, clumping brands such as Djarum in a ban is ludicrous to say the least! Make the sale of these regulated to Liquor Stores and Smoke shops, which always check (and even scan) identification. An all out ban on this product makes no sense! If you say it’s a health issue, then ban ALL cigarettes… it’s like saying, you may consume rum, but not any produced in Jamaica or smoke any cigar but a Cuban!

“I urge you to vote NO on S. 1147 aka the “PACT Act”
“And I will produce a short narrative to explain my reasoning.
“Let me preface this by stating that I do realize that smoking is dangerous to ones health. In fact, I have been in a tapering off progression towards quitting that has been working. I have been smoking Djarum Specials exclusively for nearly 10 years and was of legal age when I began. I have gone from more than a pack a day to less than 1/2 a pack a day (mostly due to the added taxes).

“I usually purchase by the carton from the same gas station about a 20 minute drive from my house. Djarums are hard to find in the marketplace. Well since I have cut back it has been some time since I had made a purchase. Much to my dismay, I was informed that they were no longer able to order the only cigarette that I have or will ever smoke. This took me by surprise, I had no idea that I blanket ban was made. Panicked by addiction I drove to places that I knew sold them and alas, there was none to be found.
“I finally tried searching the internet and found an online retailer. I was amazed by the amount of security is in place in order to place an order. They required a drivers license number, last 4 of social, address which was cross referenced… on top of that, for some reason my current address was not listed as primary so there were 4 additional questions that I had to answer that proved it was me… not only this, they require an adult signature upon delivery. They notified upon checkout that sadly, despite doing their due diligence in providing a secure check out system, that the government would likely be shutting them down.

“Yes I plan on quitting, but I would like to do it on my terms! If any studies are done, I hope you note the longer burn time, as while lighting up with friends who smoke domestic brands, I would still be smoking the first one when they light up and nearly finish the second.
“In fact, I will often smoke half, then save the second half for later. I smoke Djarum Specials which are never marketed especially to children! Plus they are considerably more expensive than cigarettes, and thus not going to be sought after by minors either.
“Please forgive this long statement of my feelings and understand that it is wrong to blanket group an Indonesian Specialty Export and at the same time ignore domestic brands… it is hypocritical!”

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