NY smokers are mad as hell and aren’t going to take being taxed into oblivion anymore.

ED left this comment on the post NY Smokers Pay Highest Tax: $2.75 Per Pack

“Its time to take action and stop bitching.

“Smokers must band together let government officials know that they will no longer be in office for the next term.  All smokers should get a list off all who hold elected positions and vow to vote against and put out of office these people who have decided to persecute SMOKERS.  Fast food and junk food are now the biggest killers and they go scott free where cigarette smokers are being robbed every day.

“Vote to have a clean sweep every election and put new people in office with the warning that it will be their last term unless they make it fair to all citizens including smokers. They should eliminate 2/3 of the cigarette tax and 1/3 of the tax on fast food and junk food and 1/3 on booze.  Then it would be almost fair but all would still be overtaxed.

“Sending 5 million signatures to Albany with a vow to remove them all from office in the next election if things don’t change would get attention and 60 to 70 million for the federal GOVERNMENT should do. Let’s get an online petition going.”


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