Our readers strenuously objected to the cigarette ban described in our post Proposed Ban of Clove & Flavored Cigarettes is Ridiculous.

Here’s what they had to say:

Bella wrote:

I am a smoker of clove cigarettes and I am disgusted by the proposed ban. I think it is just a grab by Phillip Morris to grab marketshare. I was a big supporter of Ted Kennedy till I heard this sick joke. If Ted is really sponsoring this legislation he has lost my support for good! I don’t need some obese dipsomaniac trying to save me from myself. I suppose they will ban french champagne next under some trumped up excuse, just to secure marketshare for california screw top champagne producers. Bah! I have already called both of my senators and bitched out their staff about this and I encourage other folks to do the same. Bella

Onyx wrote:

I do not smoke cigarettes of any kind. I, however, find this proposed bill to be ludicrous. This is just another way for the government to impose more rules for the people to follow. When will the madness end?

Catherine Harris wrote:

Okay, first let me say that I’m not a smoker. Not my thing.

It is high time that our government allow us as citizens to be grown ups. It is not the place of the government to regulate this stuff. This is just a last ditch attempt of the right wing conservative movement to mold the world in its image. I don’t want to look like them. I want to be myself. I’m going to assume that most of the people who smoke flavored tobacco feel the same. We’re all adults here. All of us know the dangers and risks of smoking. Banning this won’t stop it. If anything, making it illegal will only make it more attracive to minors, not less. Forbidden fruit is sweetest after all.

Wake up and smell the revenue stream everyone. If anything, congress should be legalizing more stuff and then taxing the bejeebus out of it. We are in an e recession. We need things that make money. These sell. so lets make more money off them.

Sometimes, I really wonder who these guys have goat pics of to get these jobs. I really do.

Allen Christiansen wrote:

Right Wing?   Hold up just a sec,
This is BIG GOVERNMENT, not Right Wing,
I know of several Missouri Legislators who are very conservative, and are not happy at all over this ludicrous and irresponsible grasp over ones self choice and control by “Big Brother”.
The whole thing was “fathered” by Ted Kennedy, and I for one would be hesitant to label him as Right Wing. You may if you wish, it is a free country (still, for the moment).
But the entire thing smacks of Control, and that, dear citizens, falls squarely in the lap of Big Government.
It also has the ring of Protectionism echoing throughout.
Apparently if one wants an alternative to plain, one may smoke a Menthol cigarette…(but wait, aren’t Menthol cigarettes Flavored?) apparently those aren’t banned, Oh that’s right, Those may be had Domestically from any old USA Cigarette Maker.
goodness, don’t flavor any cigarettes for better taste, or enhanced enjoyment…the Kids might get a hold of them, and think they are CANDY.
I do not smoke, out of choice, not because I find it reprehensible or anything like that…
It is a shame that this has to bear a “right wing – left wing” label, it doesn’t, it is what it is, and what it is, is less freedom for individuals to peacefully live out their lives by making the choices they WANT to.
Isn’t that what living free is all about?
Trust me, I am conservative in my views, But I am not out to “Mold” anyone into something or other…Go, Live your life, Do well at it and make a small fortune, Travel the world and write a book on it, Attend travel lectures and tell of your experiences, SHARE, offer alternatives to pressing problems, Party on the weekends and Work like heck go get ahead the rest of the week, clean your guns (if you own them) Read your Bible (of you have one) and if you don’t, don’t get in the way of those peacefully doing such things. THAT is the American Way,
This is the Government…Not Right Wing…I can practically guarantee that if the majorities in the congress and senate were not as they were, this discussion would not have ever had to see the light of day.


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  2. How about trying to get a REAL recipe for the ‘sauce’ used in clove cigarettes so that people who wish to make their own (as I believe the ban will not only go through, but remain) can do so correctly. And I do believe this ban does include flavored tobacco, so the owner of this site needs to look at his claim that you can still purchase clove flavored tobacco and roll your own. Also, since when do kids smoke a lot of flavored pipe tobacco? I have smoked pipes for over 25 years, so did my Father. Most of my piped were in fact his. I do not see this going from the realm of old fashioned pipe tobacco stores to youths at school. Am I now to not be able to use these except with plain (ick) tobacco? Isn’t it already a crime to sell cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18? How is banning types of tobacco for sale to legal adults going to stop children from smoking cigarettes? Lets be honest. In the 1940’s and 50’s before clove cigarettes existed in the united states, did only having the choice of ‘regular’ or ‘normal’ cigarettes discourage youth smoking? Doesn’t this violate my right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?” Let us not forget that laws mostly affect law abiding citizens, not people who are already willing to break the law. Since when have we allowed the government make us work and obey them, instead of it being of by and for us, the people? If we don’t watch out, soon every aspect of our life from cradle to grave will be governed. Is this truly still the land of the free? Ask yourself! Think! Don’t listen to the feelgood spin doctors on the news who tell you this is for your betterment. Write or call your congressman, remind him if this is not repealed, he/she will be voted out of office.

  3. I am 45 years old and I have never smoked anything but Djarum Bali Hai. So, if all of us who smoke cloves– with the same needs as “regular” smokers– don’t count, then why do the “regular” smokers get to enjoy their habit? They’d go nuts if their cigs were banned, well, guess what! we will too! it’s the sellers’ faults that children get them, not the smokers’. Why not make a higher penalty for the sale to persons underage! The “kids” will just get the “regular” cigs anyway then because they aren’t grown adults as committed to their indulgence. Wow. this is just all wrong!

  4. hey! while they’re at it (banning cloves etc) — why not ban the sale of candy since it holds a higher statistical value that candy has been proven bad for your health at any age — oh my — and people must be abusing their children by lavishing this unhealthy way of life on them, right? oh — government, would you mind ‘getting REAL’ !!!

  5. So, will this legislation remove Marlboro smooth? It’s a cigarette that tastes like peppermint candy. That seems more aimed at children than my prized Djarum Blacks.

    If I were a better writer, I would have started a petition on Care2. But alas, I’m not. So, I leave this as a call to action for the rest of you here.

    We should all (smokers and non-smokers alike) be incensed at this affront to our *freedom*.

    Also, our president said he would not rase taxes on Americans who make less than $250,000 per year. I guess he doesn’t consider me an American because I smoke. Or any of the other tens of millions of Americans who smoke.

    We should band together and march on washington on the date of the “great american smokeout” and demonstrate for our rights to be adults and make our own choices. Let’s start a Million Smoker March. Everyone save some djarums to smoke in front of the white house. or add a shaker full of cloves to your roll-your-own tobacco, and we’ll all smoke hand rolled kreteks.

    We the people need to speak up.

  6. This ban on cloves and flavored cigarettes is ridiculous..18yrs is still the legal age to smoke and people are gonna smoke if they want to smoke. Just cause some cigarettes are different flavored doesnt mean the habit is gonna change..We all have the freedom of choice…still..i think?! Those who wanna smoke will smoke whether theres flavors..and kids dont say “hey lets smoke cause i hear it tastes yummy”..its a habit once again sayin we choose our own paths, who has right to say anything..cigarettes and cigars are gonna be dangerous with or without flavors. And they will always be around despite this crazy effort to ban smoking and put the peoples freedoms at risk. JUst another attempt to be able to try to control our minds and the population. One more thing that we arent “allowed” to do anymore. A stupid notion that everyone will stop smoking if the taste is gone but what about logical boundaries..menthols will still be legal…isnt menthol a flavor? and lites and regular….FLAVORED cigarttes. im not condoning smoking in any way im just saying if you want people to be okay or cool with a rule or law, then the logic behind it has to make some sense. I dont think this ban makes sense. its almost like an odd prohibition on flavoring instead of tabacco and nicotine.

  7. Here’s the Federal Register article that was posted today regarding the ban on flavored cigarettes effective 09/22/09


    Food and Drug Administration

    [Docket No. FDA-2009-N-0449]

    Enforcement of General Tobacco Standard Special Rule for Cigarettes

    AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, HHS.

    ACTION: Notice.

    SUMMARY: The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the act), as amended by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (FSPTCA), establishes a tobacco standard special rule for cigarettes. This special rule for cigarettes prohibits a cigarette or any of its component parts (including the tobacco, filter, or paper) from containing, as a constituent (including a smoke constituent) or additive, an artificial or natural flavor (other than tobacco or menthol) or an herb or spice, including strawberry, grape, orange, clove, cinnamon, pineapple, vanilla, coconut, licorice, cocoa, chocolate, cherry, or coffee, that is a characterizing flavor of the tobacco product or tobacco smoke. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is providing this notice to remind regulated industry that as of the effective date identified in the FSPTCA, cigarettes that contain certain characterizing flavors are considered adulterated under the act. FDA is also providing in this notice contact information to which individuals who observe violative products after the effective date of the tobacco standard special rule may report their observations to FDA.

    DATES: Effective September 22, 2009.

    ADDRESSES: To report tobacco products that fail to comply with section 907(a)(1)(A) of the act after September 22, 2009, please contact the Center for Tobacco Products, Food and Drug Administration, 9200 Corporate Blvd., Rockville, MD 20850-3229, 877-287-1373 or http://www.fda.gov/flavoredtobacco.

    FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Michele Mital, Center for Tobacco Products, Food and Drug Administration, 9200 Corporate Blvd., Rockville, MD 20850-3229, 877-287-1373, Michele.Mital@fda.hhs.gov.

    74 FR 48974 — Sep. 25, 2009 FDA source: http://www.FederalRegister.com or http://www.cyberregs.com/pub/cr/inside-cyberregs/ehs.htm

  8. Hey,
    I am not a smoker but I just stumbled across this and was horrified! Were they succesful in getting this ban? i am offended at how are rights are being stripped.

  9. I think to save the humanity we need to banned the cigarette. Smoking s one of the problem of the society today and because of smoking many of us die. Cigarettes are considered drug.

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