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“The taxes are just getting out of hand! What is really sad, I am now seeing matching State Taxes being enacted inline with Federal Taxes too, hence doubling the tax. This is insanity!
If this is going to be the case, tax items that are considered harmful to people, where is the Twinkie Tax, The out of shape tax, per mile driven on an auto tax, The McDonalds Big Mac Tax, The snack food tax, “NOT TAKING A BATH DAILY TAX” etc…

“Just more excuses to shame others as a means to ‘STEAL’ “WE THE PEOPLE’s” money so that Washington can continue Michelle Obama’s weekly Wednesday Ball Parties and B. Obama’s upgrades to his new Pimp Airship almost daily flights around the nation (formally known as AF-1).

“My main question, all of these extra tax dollars were to also go to help pay for alternative energy programs, in the signed Law. People ask your states where they are using said money! In my region, they are using the money for when the govenor’s get out of office – to have new Governor Structures built to house themselves, their private libraries, and yes, even provide “FREE” installation of Solar and Wind Energy source projects to their corporate backers!

“While at the same time, our War Veterans are now having to bear even more war related injury expense’s out of their own pockets! The state lotto’s that were once to help with this program, well as is the norm, the money was given over to other government programs – i.e. Government Pay Raises, Government 100% insurance coverage “FOR LIFE, ” etc…

“THIS IS ONE BIG SCAM and the majority of the American People were lead just like sheep to the alter!
And if ‘The People’ think it is ending just here, you best get out and do some reading on your State Leg. boards that are voting for even more taxes in each state – you will be shocked!

“And those little World War 2 Victory Gardens our grandparents planted to help make ends meet, “YES” those are up to be taxed also! Our county Tax assessor was just here 3 days ago to see if I had plowed up any ground and was projecting a garden. My neighbor did, and the size of of the plowed grow was measured and noted now as being “DEVELOPED” property for “FOOD TAXATION!

“Just make sure you close the bathroom door when you go inside, that will be next!”


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