marktucci98.jpgThis week Congress is considering giving the FDA control over the regulation of tobacco. They also are considering banning Flavored and Clove cigarettes under a misguided notion that flavored cigarettes are enticing kids to smoke.

We find that assertion ridiculous based on the customer profile we see in our company and franchise store locations.

Adults are coming in and buying flavored cigarettes for a change to the same old inferior cigarettes that Big Tobacco has been forcing on tobacco consumers for years. Big Tobacco brought FDA control over tobacco on themselves with their immoral attempts at marketing to kids in the first place.

Our sales of flavored tobacco are doing very well and should the FDA take control, the only way to enjoy a flavored cigarette is to make it yourself with our bulk tobacco. We’re ramping up our production of flavored tobacco just in case Big Tobacco can’t buy enough Congressmen to stop the FDA bill.

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  1. I am a smoker of clove cigarettes and I am disgusted by the proposed ban. I think it is just a grab by Phillip Morris to grab marketshare. I was a big supporter of Ted Kennedy till I heard this sick joke. If Ted is really sponsoring this legislation he has lost my support for good! I don’t need some obese dipsomaniac trying to save me from myself. I suppose they will ban french champagne next under some trumped up excuse, just to secure marketshare for california screw top champagne producers. Bah! I have already called both of my senators and bitched out their staff about this and I encourage other folks to do the same. Bella

  2. I do not smoke cigarettes of any kind. I, however, find this proposed bill to be ludicrous. This is just another way for the government to impose more rules for the people to follow. When will the madness end?

  3. Okay, first let me say that I’m not a smoker. Not my thing.

    It is high time that our government allow us as citizens to be grown ups. It is not the place of the government to regulate this stuff. This is just a last ditch attempt of the right wing conservative movement to mold the world in its image. I don’t want to look like them. I want to be myself. I’m going to assume that most of the people who smoke flavored tobacco feel the same. We’re all adults here. All of us know the dangers and risks of smoking. Banning this won’t stop it. If anything, making it illegal will only make it more attracive to minors, not less. Forbidden fruit is sweetest after all.

    Wake up and smell the revenue stream everyone. If anything, congress should be legalizing more stuff and then taxing the bejeebus out of it. We are in an e recession. We need things that make money. These sell. so lets make more money off them.

    Sometimes, I really wonder who these guys have goat pics of to get these jobs. I really do.

  4. Right Wing?
    Hold up just a sec,
    This is BIG GOVERNMENT, not Right Wing,
    I know of several Missouri Legislators who are very conservative, and are not happy at all over this ludicrous and irresponsible grasp over ones self choice and control by “Big Brother”.
    The whole thing was “fathered” by Ted Kennedy, and I for one would be hesitant to label him as Right Wing. You may if you wish, it is a free country (still, for the moment).
    But the entire thing smacks of Control, and that, dear citizens, falls squarely in the lap of Big Government.
    It also has the ring of Protectionism echoing throughout.
    Apparently if one wants an alternative to plain, one may smoke a Menthol cigarette…(but wait, aren’t Menthol cigarettes Flavored?) apparently those aren’t banned, Oh that’s right, Those may be had Domestically from any old USA Cigarette Maker.
    goodness, don’t flavor any cigarettes for better taste, or enhanced enjoyment…the Kids might get a hold of them, and think they are CANDY.
    I do not smoke, out of choice, not because I find it reprehensible or anything like that, heck I have brought Cohibas up from Mexico for those I like. (Back in the 1970s)
    Hey Like my History Teacher said Free and over 21, you may go to hell if that is your inclination, but at 15 and in my classroom, Sit down and shut up, you might learn something useful. If you are under 18, you do not smoke, if you are under 21, you do not drink. (early lessons on how things worked in the real world)
    It is a shame that this has to bear a “right wing – left wing” label, it doesn’t, it is what it is, and what it is, is less freedom for individuals to peacefully live out their lives by making the choices they WANT to.
    Isn’t that what living free is all about?
    Trust me, I am conservative in my views, But I am not out to “Mold” anyone into something or other…Go, Live your life, Do well at it and make a small fortune, Travel the world and write a book on it, Attend travel lectures and tell of your experiences, SHARE, offer alternatives to pressing problems, Party on the weekends and Work like heck go get ahead the rest of the week, clean your guns (if you own them) Read your Bible (of you have one) and if you don’t, don’t get in the way of those peacefully doing such things. THAT is the American Way,
    This is the Government…Not Right Wing…I can practically guarantee that if the majorities in the congress and senate were not as they were, this discussion would not have ever had to see the light of day.
    Good Day.

  5. I will have to buy my fags on the internet, just like my absinthe, stem cells, Russian brides, and amature porn.

  6. What next? Are we going to ban the sale of margaritas and strawberry daquiris because they enhance the flavor of alcohol and make it into a fruity drink children are more likely to try?! This is ridiculous! i don’t even smoke cloves or cigarette and think this is a really dumb law and is going way too far! I’m disgusted with our government. As always.

  7. Well they passed this legislation.
    My first question is; isn’t there more important things our .gov could be doing? Our Economy? The war? North Korea threatening to weaponize all their plutonium?
    They are shooting themselves in the foot.
    I’m not a regular smoker. I only smoke 2-3 packs per year of Clove or flavored cigarettes. I like quality tasting tobacco and enjoy it occasionally throughout the year.
    The .gov is shooting themselves in the foot. First they increased taxes on Tobacco sales to help build up funds, then turn around and will be banning a sizable portion of that taxable product. This absolutely makes no sense.
    Furthermore, the legislation favors domestic tobacco companies allowing normal and Menthol cigarettes, while banning the flavored and Clove cigarettes produced and exported from Indonesia. The Big Tobacco domestic companies will not be hurt much by this ban since their flavored cigarettes make up for a small percentage, however for small independent domestic and foreign tobacco companies that produce quality flavored cigarettes and tobacco, this legislation is a blow against against them. I personally believe there is something larger in this overall situation, such as Big Tobacco’s strategy to eliminate competition. It makes sense, cigarette sales fell slightly due to the economy and even more after the tobacco tax increases. So the Big Tobacco companies favor the legislation, knowing that it will kill the imported Kretek companies from Indonesia. I think they’re hoping that it will make up for lost profits. I could be wrong, and don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I was very curious why the Big Tobacco companies have been favoring this legislation. Anyhow, it looks like I’ll have to learn how to hand roll my own flavored cigarettes in a few months. Anyone have instructions on how to do this?

    -david from Kent, Ohio USA.

  8. Ah – they flavor cigars and cigarettes the way bakers flavor certain foods – like with Vanilla extract, Rum extract, etc. I’ve just done an experiment making one rum and one vanilla little cigar (I smoke little cigars – not cigarettes).

    We shall see 🙂 Swisher came out with grape little cigars – and they were DELICIOUS, but pricey – even if they are a lot cheaper than cigarettes.

    Yah, medical info on the bonuses of smoking is not told to anyone – one must research it – I plan to put it on a website – TONIGHT. Quitting is high risk of colon cancer, for instance – this is hard medical fact. When one doctor published that he cured a patients colitis (very painful problem) with a nicotine patch, he was near crucified by the establishment. SOMEONE is making money by having people quit.

    Won’t be long before they’ll lose their tax base from smokers (who pay way more taxes) due to black market cigs and grow your own people – MYO and RYO cigarettes. Look it up.

    Meanwhile, the ha ha ha war on drugs is a failure.

  9. I am outraged as well over this bill. I have been a clove smoker for over a decade, and this is all in my adult life. I can’t stand normal cigarettes, and if this ban passes, then basically the government is forcing me to quit. What right do they have to ban clove cigarettes in the first place?

    First of all, cloves are HERBS not candy. To include clove cigarettes in this possible candy-flavored cigarette ban is absolutely ridiculous.

    As for cloves being marketed to children, that’s ridiculous. I have NEVER seen an advertisement for a clove cigarette. Have you?

    If children aren’t being carded when attempting to buy cigarettes, how is that the cigarette’s fault? Prosecute the stores selling the cigarettes to minors. Don’t take away an adult’s choice to smoke a wonderfully tasting and smelling cigarette.

    My cloves are imported from Indonesia, and that country is furious since they earn millions of dollars from exporting cloves to the USA. Indonesia is fighting the ban as well as it violates their trade agreement.

    I just can’t believe this…

  10. In response to Catherine Harris’ post:

    ……This is just a last ditch attempt of the right wing conservative movement to mold the world in its image….

    Let me clarify. Left-wing socialists are to blame here. These are the same people who are stripping us of our rights in the name of “hate crime protection”, dictatorship gun control, socialist economic policy and big government. Granted, the conservative religious right doesn’t support tobacco but they aren’t the ones barking up the tree. Partnered with the environmental tree-huggers are the big tobacco lobby in an odd relationship to say the least. It benefits both parties. The left thinks that the bans will reduce smoking just like the 95% tax levy. Big tobacco will gain market share. Let’s remember that it is the DEMOCRATIC administration who is considering such bans and changes to the oversight of tobacco sales. *I type with a Djarum Black perched precariously from my left lip*

    Special note: For us clove lovers, try the flavored Djarum Black “Cigar” which is coming out. It’s a little different but it is an around about solution which is excempt from the current proposed legislation.

  11. I am sick over this ban on Clove cigarettes, this is a part of my life, I enjoy smoking Cloves.
    Also this will cover pipe and hookah tobacco, to think I can not pursue happiness any longer.
    Oh they try to drive me underground, as sure as the sun will shine, I will get what’s mine, the harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all!

  12. I am truly appalled that we are now to the point of telling American’s which cigarette’s they are allowed to smoke. It was aggravating enough when they told us where we can smoke. Even worse is that they’re talking about hiking up the taxes on cigarettes (again) with the excuse being -children.- Your state will find any reason to get money for a ‘good cause.’ Do not doubt that. Apparently, kids won’t buy cigarettes if they cost more money. I beg to differ. You tell me what kid hasn’t stolen extra change or money from a parent, or perhaps hasn’t used their lunch money for cigarettes… And no, I would not appreciate an overly defensive response from a parent about their own child.

    I’m old enough to smoke, yet plenty young enough to not be contemplating children of my own. I have modern day high school memories at hand. For those parents who think their kids don’t smoke, you’re probably wrong if they have open lunch at high school. I live in Cook County Chicago where cigarettes are $10 a pack. Trust me when I say that ‘children’ are highly capable of pulling this kind of money together every day/other day with ease. They generally send a senior friend at the age of 18 with a car to go get them. Or find a clerk who will not card. These methods have nothing to do with smokers of age that make their own choices. Also note that to my honest recollection, out of every smoker I knew at my past high school, no one would buy Cloves aside from myself. I’d started on Marlboro Red’s and continued to smoke them. Flavored cigarettes are just a nice once in a while thing. I don’t know anyone under age that preferred to continuously buy flavored cigarettes over a nice Marlboro or Newport.

    This is not the point however. It is that we as adults who choose our own way of life, should not have to be punished/limited on what is available to us because of kids who will find one way or another to get what they want. And if I could call my senators, I would. Yet Chicago is probably as bogus as it can get with its government.

    Regardless, there are plenty of people I know (of age of course) who enjoy cloves, flavored tobacco, hookah and such. Why are we being told what’s good for us if we are considered adults in our country? We are of age to go over sea’s and fight for our country, yet I as a smoker, am being told what I can and cannot have. Apparently my age no longer entitles me to make such decisions. It can be justified as my choice in knowing the risks of war to take an unexpected bullet to the head, yet I cannot smoke my choice in potentially cancer causing cigarettes because the government knows best. Truly. I’ve yet to meet a smoker who ever insinuated smoking was healthy or harmless. We’re not uneducated imbeciles. Most legal smokers are past taking reprimands from parental units, yet now there are grown men and women being subjected to some Big Brother-eque behavior from their own ‘free’ government. This is obscene.

    If you’re worried about your child smoking, YOU as the parent need to handle that. If you let your child smoke, then that is entirely on you. You’re letting you child do something they’ll likely go out of their way to do anyway. Yet if you are against your child smoking, YOU need to take action to do something about it. The police and government should not be picking up your worries and slack. In the end, there is only precaution, consequences and education. Guess what… This applies to most choices we make every day. What are the dangers of drinking? What can happen? Yet how many people drink and even excessively by choice despite already knowing this key information? Many. In the end, people pick up a cigarette for much the same reason. The -flavor- of a cigarette is hardly the problem here.

    People will always do as they please if they can get away with it. The Government is no different. Take a stand and tell them to cater to their own health. They don’t need to protect you from yourself.

  13. Those of you who have identified this not as a tobacco issue but as one of control are right on the mark. As I write this, legislation banning smoking by the men and women of our military is being signed into law. I guess it is ok for soldiers to risk their lives protecting our freedoms while the feds take away some of theirs.

    More important is the lack of outrage by we the people. Smoking is easy to pick on. We all know that. But if we just sit by and let this happen, then we get what we deserve!


  14. Well…I do smoke cloves, and I do favor them over any other cigarette. I also started smoking when I was 17, so I was an “underaged” smoker. True, if I didn’t smoke cloves I wouldn’t have smoked as much as I did/do. But if a minor is really set on smoking, I strongly believe, and as a matter of fact KNOW they will still smoke whatever they can get their hands on. When I first heard about this whole ban I was really offended. That’s like..discrimination. I feel like I’m being discriminated against because I like a certain flavor of tobacco. But this is America and we still discriminate against people of different colors and sexualities and religion. I never thought we’d run out of races and what not to pick on, but I guess that’s not good enough these days. Let’s start in on people who smoke different flavors of cigarettes. (Of course not to mention a large portion of the smoking population has a preference of Menthol to regular cigarettes, like people have said.) Personally I think we should start trying to ban alcohol, you know, like Puckers, or even Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and all those Vodkas that have different flavors. People under 21 do enjoy a good flavored alcohol, so let’s just get rid of those too, just to be safe.

    I had to agree with this:
    “If anything, making it illegal will only make it more attracive to minors, not less. Forbidden fruit is sweetest after all.”

    I’m thinking I should try to start a petition. This whole thing is ridiculous, obviously. Even if I didn’t smoke, I would think it’s almost a joke, just like I do now.

  15. I started smoking Marlboro Reds at about 12 years old (since that’s what my parents and everyone else smoked)and hopped from them to Camel Wides. I quit for 3 or so years and couldn’t even stand the smell of cigarette until i was 19 and was at aa venue in SF and I tried cloves. This was in 99 I paid $6 for a 10 pack in SF at this club and they were Djarum Specials. Now I pay $8.50 a single pack or $68 a carton. Kids start smoking reds almost always. Candy cigarettes are for sissys. Kids smoke camels or reds or lately since the arise of the modern hip-hop culture kids start smoking menthols, girls smoke lights. Parents and family do it it’s the cool thing to do. If you even smoke any type of cigarette around here in Cali people look at you like you are a leper and have herpes on your face. Can’t smoke in yourcar or downtown in Hayward, ca cant smoke in your home in Dublin, Ca. Am I in a communist country or under a dictatorship? I will do as I please because I was born free so I assumed. Most people (kids) hate cloves and always say stupid things to me when i smoke one. ( which I will import illegally no matter what) I have only ever seen older people smoke cloves. College kids, Coffee Shop Dorks, Goths, Berkeley Hippies and the occasional eccentric. Who the hell would buy a pack of cigarettes for $9 ? I have to hold a good job to afford the luxury of these damn thing that cost me $210 a month and like $2500 a year. Surely kids will smoke these. Even weed is cheaper! This will disrupt another nations entire economy and bring discomfort to people’s lifestyle and culture. This whole thing is disgusting and I’ll still get my fix so what does it matter. I will probably find them cheaper on the internet.

  16. Now that obama banned my cloves and I have to order them like a criminal, I wonder if he would sign a ban that included his cigarettes now that I am scrambling to get a bunch of djarums shipped before september 1st and find a resource to get them after the ban. These cigarettes are $8 a pack and $70 a carton. Why don’t we sell flavored (or all cigarettes) in cartons? Then only smokers who are dedicated can buy them, children and the poor people who can afford a single packs but not health care will have to quit. I thought I lived in america, a free country. Where as an adult I have the priveledge to make a decision if I want flavored tobacco or flavored liquor. Flavored liquor is way more desirable to teenagers than flavored cigarettes. Flavored cigarettes are not affordable but any kid can get flavored liquor for a few dollars. We already have a law that prevnts minors from smoking, it is really the obligation of the parent. Not the government. Surely we wouldn’t ban menthol or whatever brand Obama smokes anytime soon. These cigarettes I have been legally smoking since college are now illegal. I may as well smoke pot, they’ll legalize that and tax it but won’t let me enjoy a clove with my coffee. These guys get $210 a month from me for a pack of djarums a day and $2500 a year. Kids can’t afford that. Middle class men and women can barely swing that. Especially these day, kids don’t really smoke like they used to. People look at you like you have a disease when you smoke. Kids and the poor are going to smoke whatever they can afford. Most kids start on the brands there family and friends smoke (marlboro,camel,newports) menthols being especially popular with kids durinf the rise of hip-hop/pop culture. They are easier to smoke. A lot of people won’t even smoke cloves because they are harsh and heavy. I gave my cousin who has been smoking reds for 30 years a clove yesterday and he almost choked to death. Way to much for the average smoker. These clove cigarettes are more cigarish and elitest with their high prices and taxes. Which is weird why in a recession that we take items off the shelf that provide such high tax revenues. Cloves and even other flavored cigarettes are smoked by the college type, the intellectual, coffee shop goers, musicians, goths, eccerntrics and other berkely types. These enjoyable smokes help me relax, review and reassess while I enjoy a cup of coffee. My friend likes them once or twice a month when drinking. My friend from indonesia smokes them daily like I do except the difference between me and him is you are depriving this man of his cultural right when america is suppose to embrace the ideas of different ethnic groups. We let the jewish go to temple, we let the middle eastern folk go to mosque and put curry on everything, the russian’s get their vodka and the asians get their rice, rotten eggs and dog. My friend can’t ever again smell the clove scent of his country, he and I went from being successful businessmen to having to become illegal clove importers just to enjoy our lifestyles. Just for my friend to enjoy is culture and feel at home with how he was raised. Almost all clove cigarettes come from indonesia and so it really disrupts their market regardless of what the upper brass thinks. This is protectionism. This is a violation of my amendments and rights. This law gives the fda way too much control and makes us a big brother country where the government raises the children since we allow the parents to be incompetent. I am an american who has been stripped of constitutional rights. I will do what I want, this will not stop me from getting my cloves nor will the lack of the 1% of cloves in the market will not curb kids from smoking. Most kids don’t smoke these days. It’s not cool to smoke you get treated like a leper. Like I said, sell cigarettes by the carton only and tax them to death. The real smokers will buy them. The drinking smokers will bum them and the kids and very low income will not be able to afford them. I mean what’s next? Take away my flavored mouthwash? What about super sweet apricot beer that kids love. Kids die from alcohol, not cigarettes, more kids die from fraternity activities. Kids who smoke generally have family that smoke. No one wakes up and says I think it will be cool to pay for bad breath and cancer just to hold this cool stick. Leave us free adults alone. Regulate the parents and do not let the administration and the fda turn america in to a dictatorship and make us 1% of smokers live a harder life of luxury. To much control. Iv’ve always leaned more democrat but honestly these liberals need to leave me alone with their whole foods infested berkelyish veagan ideas that say I can’t eat meat or ill die, or transfast because ill die or oxygen because ill die. Don’t worry we will all die soon enough and if you don’t let smokers and drinkers kill themselves then you have population control to deal with. Well let’s just let the fda put mercury in our dental fillings, and hormones in our babys milk and not let us smoke the brand of cigarettes we enjoy. Protectionsim, loss of rights. Damn is the apocolypse comming? I hope indonesia sticks their foot sideways up the behind of the WTO and fight for my rights as an american before I have to move to a country that is a little less motherly. This is how I feel and most people agree. The new ban is stupid.

  17. Has anyone contacted the ACLU about this? This clearly smacks of discrimination if you choose to allow menthol to exist still.

    I too am an adult, legally purchasing something I love. Is it bad for me? Absolutely. So are chips, ice cream, corn syrup in everything, fast food, the list could go on forever. Why no move to tax these or even better shut them down completely? Hypocracy. Try taking on McDonald’s, Frito Lay, and a variety of others if you really want to protect children’s health.

    Is there any way to fight this at this point? Can we still import our own cloves as private citizens or is that also not allowed?

    Give me back my right to simply enjoy a clove dam it!

  18. This is the first thing I’ve noticed Obama did that rub me the wrong way. It rubs me wrong enough if he goes up for re-election I won’t be voting for him though.

    Luckily I already have a plan for myself and I propose it to everyone else who enjoys clove cigarettes and isn’t looking foreward to the nasty flavor of regulars or menthols.

    Step 1: Buy materials necessary to roll your own cigarettes.

    Step 2: Buy dried ground cloves.

    Step 3: Roll our own clove cigarettes.

    Step 4: Light up, smoke it, give the government a one-fingered salute and enjoy.

  19. Looks like its still going to get more ridiculous. Marketing flavored cigarettes to our children?? Kind of like marketing the newest “sit on your butt” video games. Are they ready to ban the big video game makers because our children have become obese and unsociable?? I highly doubt it.
    My family and I own a deli and tobacco shop in Arizona. Having this business has brought indefinite attention to all of this so we can inform our customers about “change” Change is a funny word. Did you know that in order to make Obamas new SCHIP plan work our government has to create another 900,000 smokers in the next ten years? Of course, those arent going to be our children, are they Mr. Obama?
    We are all adults and can make our own decisions. Do we really need a bunch of politicians treating us like the children they say they are trying to protect?

  20. It’s no doubt, the big tabacco companies tget children into smoking in the first place. Why not put the blame on them, rather than on the people who have an advanced palate for smoking flavorful cigs? (Frankly, I don’t ever remember seeing an ad for flavored cigarettes) I am outraged over the bogus reasons behind the ban of flavored cigarettes and IT IS A VIOLATION OF OUR CIVIL/ADULT RIGHTS TO FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS!
    First of all, luxury flavored cigarettes are sold only in specialty tabacco shops($$), where the employees ASK FOR ID! Secondly, I believe KIDS buy and get hooked on cigarettes due to all the convenience shops that don’t ID (and they know which stores “don’t card,” or, no offense, look for a clerk who is a foreigner.) When I was 17, I started smoking the cheapest name brand of cigarettes I could get a hold of- Camel or Marlborough. (I bet these companies get huge payoffs for being able to monopolize the market.) Then, menthols became trendy, so I would smoke them. (If menthol isn’t a flavor, then I don’t consider vanilla to be a flavor either!!) Oh wait, OBAMA SMOKES MENTHOLS; nor would he want to cause a riot, because so many of the people that voted for him, smoke menthols, too.
    Now they’re telling me, “don’t worry, they’ll just change your brand to a flavored cigar because there’s very little cigar regulation.” This is unsettling because I do not want to smoke a cigar (that lasts 3-5x as long- even more bothersome to non-smokers!) Now, I enjoy an ocassion sweet dream cigarette only when I drink, and it is my right as a consumer, over the age of eighteen. (Here’s an idea- if you want to spare children from smoking, maybe you should raise the age restriction limits?)
    As an adult consumer, I have the right to be able to choose which brand I smoke. Just because big tobacco is paying congressmen, like Ted Kennedy to support this bill, doesn’t make it right for them to say “WE ARE DOING IT FOR THE CHILDREN!” wHAT A CROCK OF sh* !! It’s inevitable that children who want to smoke will, but I will not smoke if that means giving Philip Morris any profit. I blame them for even getting me started. Now, I could argue this point till I’m blue in the face, but I think I’ll go puff one last smoke instead. This “ban” is morally wrong! I wish more people would stand up to fight BIG GOVERNMENT’S ATTEMPT TO REGULATE OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES. It’s claims are unfounded, bias, and premeditatedin an attempt at exclusion of smaller coorperations for the almighty dollar!!

  21. I smoke cloves cigs. It is the only brand I smoke. I think this ban is absurd! I am being forced to quit smoking, instead of choosing to quit by my own choice! The gov is taking away all of our freedom, an I am sickened by it! I guess my only choice if I don’t quit is to order online, unless there is some fine print we haven’t hears to ban this method also. What makes the gov think that kids won’t just order online also.

  22. Look, it was wrong to call the legislation a “right wing” act, and it’s patently ridiculous to call it “socialist.” You are aware that socialism is mutually exclusive from capitalism? You can’t be even a tiny bit socialist and be a politician, because if you’re a socialist you’re AGAINST politicians. That’s like an anti-semitic jew, just a retarded idea.

    That said, fuck ’em. I’ll get cigarettes from the internetz at $25/ carton instead of from the store at $10/ pack.

  23. I am disgusted with the government determining what I can and can’t do. The whole idea of banning an item because of the perception that item is used only by kids is ridiculous. Aren’t ALL cigarette sales banned for those under 18? What about banning flavored pipe tobacco or the very popular fruit flavored tobacco used for Hookahs? Better yet, why don’t you ban flavored alcoholic beverages? Boonsfarm, Pina Coladas, etc.?
    This ban on cloves is an assult to our right of choice!!

  24. Interesting. I was just on my way to the market where they sell my brand of cloves… And I was kindly told by the check-out clerk that these will be banned … I dont like the taste of regular cigarettes. (Ok .. American spirits in a pinch)
    One thing.. I don’t smoke a pack a day! A pack of my favorite brands last me 3 sometimes 4 days. Oh well . lets see: Cloves are a spice that can be found at any good spice store .. I might have to make my own .. (Uh oh .. I think I hear big brother tapping my internet connection!

    On a serious note: I am all about protecting the health of others and I am as courteous as possible when it comes to smoking around a non-smoker. Let me have my cloves. And let me be. Saying that this attract kids to become smokers ? Makes it easier to sneak the smell past Mom and Dad maybe. But that’s not the Gov’t’s job to judge. Funny they can let Sirrius/XM merge and create a monopoly in the Satellite Radio Industry, they can let AT&T become what Ma Bell was back in the 70’s but when a consumer has a choice in how to “preserve ones self” THEN they decide to step in. What’s next ? We are all required to eat Soilent Green ? That will be the end of the World as we know it .. and THAT’s not ok with me! ( thanks for reading.)

  25. When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a Jew.

    When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.

    ~Martin Niemöller

    Shit, kids didn’t smoke cloves at my school, they smoked weed.

    I did not serve in Iraq for this. I will not go to Afghanistan next summer for this. I got introduced to cloves when I was in Baghdad, where they were a dollar a pack. I get a lot of flack for smoking them because people think they stink. As for that ban of tobacco in the service. I’d like to see how they plan on enforcing that. No officer worth their salt is going to enforce such a ridiculous ban (since they’d have to quit too). You’ll also hear that porn’s banned in the service, like alcohol overseas *whistles*. These beaurocrats seem to forget that this job is stressful. Personally, I’m shopping online and rolling my own. Who else is up for a boycott on Phillip Morris?

    What’s next? Prohibition of alcohol? What about sweeteners? Or meat? Where does this end?

  26. Is there anything I can do at this point – who can I call or write to – I am horrified about this ban. I have smoked cloves for over 20 years – are you telling me it is going to be illigal now? HELP….what I can I do?

  27. I just started smoking. I’m 19 and in Alabama, you have to be 19 to buy tobacco. When I heard about this law, I started to not like the government even more. I know this argument comes up a lot: but if I can kill a man for my country, I would think I could smoke a flavored cigarette. I understand where the government is coming from by banning them. I wouldn’t want a 12 year old smoking either(no offense D). But cigarettes weren’t appealing to me when I was 12. The cartoon camel didn’t do it for me nor the flavored cigarettes. Heck, even if a piece of candy came with a cigarette I wouldn’t have smoked one. What attracted me to smoking was other people smoking. I’m more curious about people than a flavor (which by the way, I think a 12 year old would hate a flavored cigarette. It’s not like they can make it taste just like cotton candy). If they want children to not smoke when they’re young, then they should promote smoking away from children. I guess that will be the next law coming…

  28. Even as an ex-smoker, I find this appaling. I have been quit for 10 years now. Cloves used to be a once-in-a-while kind of treat. But, like everyone else, when I was 12 or 13, I started smoking Marlboro Reds. Anything else was not cool. Later on, it was Lights and sometimes Menthol, but never “flavored” cigs or cloves. Not until I went to college and met some more more interesting people. I think it is a ridiculous assumption to say that any child is going to be enticed by flavored cigarettes. They are not even on the radar. Plus, like everyone else is pointing out, it really should be an adult’s choice if they smoke or not. There is going to be a major push-back on this one.

  29. I was born Free. Free from religious persecution, free to speak my mind. This whole thing makes me think and think hard about what freedom means. I am not ignorant, I am not stupid. In my lifetime I have seen my freedoms chipped at, a few of them slipped out from under me. I can no longer stand on a soapbox in the square at the capitol and tell my views. I will be viewed as disruptive and a public disgrace and hauled into court for disturbing the peace. I do smoke. EEEEgad I do something that is bad for me. Why isn’t there a public agency to police me! Please take every dollar I make, for taxes, you see. Take it, I will give it freely to save me from MYSELF!!!!! Police every action. Arrest me for I am not worthy to govern myself.
    Is this the country that is the “LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE”!! NO!

    Now I can understand the non smokers point of view. Should they be couped up with smokers and forced to breathe in smoke. NO absolutely not. I smoke outside. Why should this be offensive. I don’t complain about your diesel emmissions when you are in a store for an hour and leave the engine running while I am outside having a cigarette. As for kids and smoking, The government has just made it more of a sin, more of a “I am getting away with something”. More like Coke and Meth. Oh wait, Is this a move to downgrade a teens view of illegal drugs?

    Guess what, You should outlaw spray antiperspirant, Krazy glue and of all things Cans of air to clean your computers. Teens are using these things to get high. They are normal household items. Don’t let your kids eat potatoes or tomatoes. They are getting trace amounts of nicotine from these veggies. Kids are getting drunk off of hand sanitizer. By all means regulate, ban, do whatever you have to do to protect the future leaders of tomorrow.

    Be very careful of the leaders you create. They will take their narrow view of life with them to their adulthood and anyone that does not agree or has a different point of view will be an INFIDEL. Does this word sound familiar?

    I guess this will be a repeat of the 1930’s. History does repeat itself you know. Prohibition. This time the target isn’t alcohol. It is tobacco. The other legalized sin. Instead of Bathtub gin, you will have rabbit tobacco (looks like a grass) lawns. Instead of the Speakeasy you will have the Hooka easy. Lets drive tobacco underground, ban it altogether (along with the taxes Big government demands from it) Make it illegal. Then I guess since the government ran out of money trying to fight smoking, next we Tax FRENCH FRIES, because too many people are dying of OBESITY.
    Lock up Ronald Mcdonald, Jack and Wendy.

    I am but a small voice. I am looked down on because I smoke. Guess what I drink too. Eleanor Roosevelt said “Noone can make you feel inferior without your consent” I guess alot of people agreed. That is why antidepressants aren’t taxed.
    I am middle aged and I will die, Don’t worry America, I put a little something away for the funeral. You won’t be saddled with the cost.

  30. I think all of this is crazy. I smoke cloves and I have for years. Why would children be attracted? They are the most exspensive pack you can buy. I live in Florida and they are 6.50 a pack. This is crazy. Why don’t we focus more on regular cigarettes. They are all over the US but no we focus on cigarettes that are already hard to find as it is.You don’t see ad’s in magazines or tv for cloves. The bigger picture is focusing on American made cigarettes. Ban them! Alcohol probably takes more lives. Focus on the diferent vodkas they have to offer than cigarettes!(cherry,grape,apple, and etc!!They appeal more to children.

  31. It would only make sense for a government considering Obama’s new healthcare plan to want to reduce unnecessary health costs (i.e.–health problems caused by smoking), which makes me that much less of a fan of Obama and his healthcare plan and the direction our government seems to be going. Sure everyone may think it’s nice to know that health insurance will be a government service, but did they expect the result to be random legislation that affects their ability to make choices in their everyday life?

    But if the government considering this new healthcare plan is concerned about unnecessary health risks, maybe they should stop to think about the fact that cloves have less additives and chemicals than the regular cigarettes they are now promoting. Maybe they should stop to think about the fact that Menthol cigarettes release tiny particals of fiberglass into the lungs of the smoker; something that clove cigarettes don’t do. I’ve had doctors tell me that they’re a safer alternative to regular cigarettes (“well, if you’re going to smoke it’s better to be smoking those than regular cigarettes”)

    And if they’re concerned about cloves appealing to children, maybe they should consider the fact that they’re one of the more expensive of the flavored cigarettes. I’ve seen them anywhere from $8.00-$13.00 a pack. I don’t know of any kid who would shell out that kind of money for a pack of smokes. And what kid automatically craves cloves? If they made clove lollipops or clove chewing gum I highly doubt that it would be popular among children. And Kretek is certainly not targeting children. They’re not targeting anyone. I’ve never seen an add for clove cigarettes.

    It doesn’t make sense to me, unless if I think of it through the filter of the government wanting control and certain powers wanting to make a quick buck.

    Someone mentioned that if we sit back and let this happen, then we deserve for it to happen. What are other options of voicing our opinion other than contacting congressmen? And does the ban affect Native American reservations? And if imports are illegal, does that mean that ordering them online is illegal?

    And for all of you who only smoke cloves, I’m very sorry for your current situation.

  32. Well, I’m a 40 year “old grown” up who enjoys a clove smoke now and again. I was shocked and dissapointed to hear of the ban.
    I too feel really discriminated against.
    There are so many other flavored things out there if this is really targeted at kids…
    I think this is an immature, knee-jerk government reaction to “do something about…something” and show us that they mean business!
    I feel bad for the Indonesian’s. Hopefully this doesn’t piss them off enough that we go to war with them next…
    Nothing we can do now except savor what we have left… Those of you loyal to the clove…perhaps we run into each other in Indonesia, hang out and smoke a bit.

    Little strange that you can still buy smokes called “cigars” that are flavored…. for now.

    I smoke to you friends. But, i’ll have to butt it out soon to save some for tomorrow

  33. Dear Sirs,

    I am writing to inform you that I believe that my Constitutional Rights are being violated by the recent ban on Kreteks. I agree wholeheartedly that tobacco usage should continue to be regulated and NEVER sold to minors. However, clumping brands such as Djarum in a ban is ludicrous to say the least! Make the sale of these regulated to Liquor Stores and Smoke shops, which always check (and even scan) identification. An all out ban on this product makes no sense! If you say it’s a health issue, then ban ALL cigarettes… it’s like saying, you may consume rum, but not any produced in Jamaica or smoke any cigar but a Cuban!

    I urge you to vote NO on S. 1147 aka the “PACT Act”
    And I will produce a short narrative to explain my reasoning.
    Let me preface this by stating that I do realize that smoking is dangerous to ones health. In fact, I have been in a tapering off progression towards quitting that has been working. I have been smoking Djarum Specials exclusively for nearly 10 years and was of legal age when I began. I have gone from more than a pack a day to less than 1/2 a pack a day (mostly due to the added taxes).

    I usually purchase by the carton from the same gas station about a 20 minute drive from my house. Djarums are hard to find in the marketplace. Well since I have cut back it has been some time since I had made a purchase. Much to my dismay, I was informed that they were no longer able to order the only cigarette that I have or will ever smoke. This took me by surprise, I had no idea that I blanket ban was made. Panicked by addiction I drove to places that I knew sold them and alas, there was none to be found.
    I finally tried searching the internet and found an online retailer. I was amazed by the amount of security is in place in order to place an order. They required a drivers license number, last 4 of social, address which was cross referenced… on top of that, for some reason my current address was not listed as primary so there were 4 additional questions that I had to answer that proved it was me… not only this, they require an adult signature upon delivery. They notified upon checkout that sadly, despite doing their due diligence in providing a secure check out system, that the government would likely be shutting them down.
    Yes I plan on quitting, but I would like to do it on my terms! If any studies are done, I hope you note the longer burn time, as while lighting up with friends who smoke domestic brands, I would still be smoking the first one when they light up and nearly finish the second.
    In fact, I will often smoke half, then save the second half for later. I smoke Djarum Specials which are never marketed especially to children! Plus they are considerably more expensive than cigarettes, and thus not going to be sought after by minors either.
    Please forgive this long statement of my feelings and understand that it is wrong to blanket group an Indonesian Specialty Export and at the same time ignore domestic brands… it is hypocritical!

  34. I’m tired of our government making laws that prohitibit my freedoms, such as the choice to smoke cloves cigarettes at a legal age, for a little extra money from the tobacco lobbyists! Putting the innocent faces of the children in front of your law doesn’t make it any less than that. Underage smokers will smoke whatever they can get. I started at 14, not off the cloves I love today, but Newport cigarettes. Disgusting, fiberglass containing, hack-your-lungs-out, yet popular Newports. That’s exactly why I began smoking them, everyone in school had them! They were easy to come by. Not until I was of legal age to buy cigarettes did I even know cloves existed, and you’re trying to say that a cigarette children have never heard of is going to lure them into smoking somehow?

  35. Yes, it’s so wild how the government can come up with a bill like this. They must have future bills in mind because their is a lot of things that I can think of along the same line that would seem quite enticing to younger teens to young adults. For instance I can see in the very near future flavored chewing tobacco like peach, vanilla, berry, cherry, citrus, apple and all other flavored blends. Now for chewing tobacco is something like when you see a green apple can of dip, you would think like “hmm green apple like the jolly rancher I think I could give it a try,” well in my own experience I found that it tastes just like a jolly rancher can hardly tell it’s dip (unless you swallow some). My point is that they are definitely are not stopping their. I agree alcohol (i.e. SMIRNOFF and all of their fruity beverages) will be next too.

    I see you guys talking about purchasing things internationally, but that will pry be taken away soon too now because The MAN with the plan you know what’s his name has control of their internet too now. Yes, I say control with no asterisk or a pair of parenthesis explaining that because when they wrote the bill they must have forgot to do the same when they said “emergency control.” Oh and Catherine Harris, you are the reason why I am registered as independent, I mean not to be too rough on you because I can’t tell if you are either extremely misinformed or just that dense to where you get all your so called *facts [bullshit] from a site called because I believe that President Obama signed the bill. Anyways I’m rambling don’t mean to turn this into a little flame thread.

    I have nothing to worry about though I smoke Newport Cigarettes and dip Grizzly Straight, but I think it was ridiculous to pass or even get this bill up to that point. I have a good friend who has smoked Djarum Specials for the longest now.

    Be well

  36. i smoke cloves but i certainly didnt start out as a kid and also if a kid chooses to smoke they certainly probably wont be smokeing cloves prolly normal cigs this is rediculous and socialistic

  37. It’s sad to think we actually have a government that thinks if they ban flavored tobacco that it will solve under age smoking. I don’t recall in the 1920’s through present always having flavored tobacco? Although we have alot of our seniors that have been smoking since then.Yes, we’ve had alot that died of cancer from it but we have had alot that died from cancer that never even picked up a nicotine product.I don’t smoke nor have I ever…but if we have our military fighting for freedom everywhere and we don’t even have the freedom here at home what have we acomplished? It’s a sad life to live smoking I’m sure but it’s a choice and a freedom ! I nor anyone with a good head on their shoulders should have to have the government to say I can’t buy it to stop smoking. I understand it’s an addition but it was also a choice to start the addition ! From my understanding the flavored tobacco smoked to a hookah or waterpipe like many use it for is not as bad as a pack of cigarettes right? After All doesn’t our new president smoke? Does this law also apply to him?Myself knowing that if I started anything that I thought I’d be addicted to…I would never start it to begin with! ITS ALL ABOUT CHOICE!!!

  38. This ban is absolutely absurd.

    So I created to provide people with an up to date resource of information on this new ban and for people to discuss the issue and buy/sell the remaining cloves we have here in the US before it’s too late…

    Need cloves? I can get you Blacks, Specials & Browns –

    Just shoot me an email at

    For information on this ban, visit the site here:

    To buy/sell cloves post on the discussion forum here:

    Let’s take our liberties back! This insanity has got to stop…

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