Boy am I glad 7 Valleys Custom Blends is not in the cigarette business!
Congress this week is considering giving the FDA control over tobacco. I doubt it will pass but the Big Tobacco companies are scared as hell because the FDA would require them to disclose the additives they use in cigarettes on each pack.
Interestingly Phillip Morris (the world leader in cigarette sales) backs the FDA bill. Why would the company that sells over 60% of every cigarette smoked in the US back a bill that places Federal Drug Control over their product? This Bill is sometimes referred to as the Phillip Morris Market Share Protection Act. If passed it will make it very difficult for new cigarette brands to enter the marketplace. Plus Phillip Morris has had a long term relationship with the FDA centered on oral drug delivery systems (ironically that’s what we call Marlboros….orally administrated drug delivery systems, since there’s so little pure tobacco in a Marlboro anyway). Phillip Morris is “Delighted” that the FDA (their buddies) might take control of the cigarette industry. I find it interesting that the FDA would turn to Phillip Morris to manufacture an “oral drug delivery advice” and vice-versa anyway. You think they know something we don’t?
We’re not worried because for our all natural tobacco blends we have only one ingredient. Farm Fresh Tobacco.
While some of our blends have additives by definition (identified in their blend descriptions like menthol blends and flavored blends) we use natural additives and not burn accelerants or reconstituted tobacco. Reconstituted tobacco makes up almost 40% of some cigarettes and contains some of the most heinous of the additives to Big Tobacco cigarettes because “Recon” as it’s known in the industry is the “Floor Sweepings”, ground up stems, and cheap imported tobacco. These components require additives to give them nicotine content and taste.
We applaud Congress’ attempt to give some clarity to the unnecessary dangers people are exposed to by Big Tobacco’s greedy manipulation of a natural product for the good of the bottom line. Although we have sincere doubts the legislation will become law, we applaud the spirit of the attempt and hope some day the FDA can put a stop to the unnecessary exposure to chemicals and the secrecy with which Big Tobacco uses as a shield to protect their “Trade Secrets” (Big Tobacco’s code word for exactly what they do put in their product, besides pure tobacco).
Family Farmers grow our Farm Fresh Tobacco. Isn’t that the way it should be?

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