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Why roll your own cigarettes using Custom Blends Farm Fresh tobacco?

Two big reasons: You’ll save big money and you’ll get a higher quality smoke!

It’s simple…YOU SAVE Big $$$ and get a higher quality smoke!

First, let’s talk savings.

If you smoke a pack a day, you can save about $1, 275 bucks a year by rolling your own cigarettes with Custom Blends All Natural Tobacco.

But rolling your own’s a hassle, right?  Wrong! It’s super easy and you can roll that pack in less than three minutes!

Click Here to see how easy it is!

roll your own cigarettes

Why settle for Big Tobacco’s High Prices,  Low Quality & Toxic Chemicals?

As for quality, let’s look at Custom Blends Vs. Big Tobacco.

The tobacco in manufactured cigarettes contains any number of the 599 added chemicals as well as fillers so they can make you buy more and reduce the amount of high quality tobacco they use in the cigarettes they sell you at more than twice the price of ours.

Unlike the big boys, Custom Blends All Natural Tobacco has no added chemicals or fillers.

Custom Blends natural tobaccos are as close to the source as you can get. Our tobaccos come straight from the farm. The only processing is the natural curing process, the separation of leaf from the stem, and shredding. No chemicals added. The only time we use any additive is in our menthol tobaccos, which are flavored with all natural spearmint and peppermint. Straight from the farm to you for your smoking pleasure. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

For Roll Your Own  information and supplies, visit the Custom Blends website.


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markjeff5001Smokers in Lancaster, PA will now be able to save money and enhance their enjoyment by rolling and smoking their own cigarettes made from Custom Blends 100%  farm fresh tobacco.  That’s also great news for those who have been driving to nearby York, PA to the original 7 Valleys Custom Blends shop.

Custom Blends Franchise Services LLC announced today the addition of 4 new franchise locations in Lancaster County PA with the awarding of an Area Development Agreement to Jamak Liberty Enterprises, Inc., a PA based company.

The first 7 Valleys Custom Blends store located in the Woods Edge Plaza in Manor Township is scheduled to open its doors in late July with the other stores expected to come online over the next 2-3 years as the market requires says Mark Tucci, Managing Partner of Custom Blends Franchise Services LLC from the company headquarters in beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC.

“The make your own cigarette market is ideal for the new consumerism sweeping the nation” says Jeff Bond, CEO of Jamak Liberty Enterprises, Inc. “Customers appreciate the all natural farm fresh tobacco experience without all the chemicals and additives in leading brands. They really appreciate the cost savings too!” he adds.

Custom Blends is a pioneer in the RYO (Roll Your Own) and MYO (Make Your Own) cigarette market. By making available their Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco and the widest selection of supplies, 7 Valleys Custom Blends’ customers save half or more off the cost of pre-manufactured cigarettes while making their own cigarettes at home with fresh all natural tobacco.

“Our business has exploded over the past few years.” Mr. Tucci says. “Between the decreasing quality and the increasing price of Big Tobacco cigarettes we are gaining more and more customers who realize they can save big money by making their own all natural cigarettes at home.” He continues “We have current customers making the long drive from Lancaster County to our existing franchise locations in York County. Locating in Lancaster County, Jeff will be able to service these existing customers and expand our market share.”

Started in 1993, and franchising since 2005 7 Valleys Custom Blends currently has 1 company owned store and 3 franchises all located in Pennsylvania. Custom Blends Franchise Services LLC offers individual franchises, Area Developments, and Master Franchise opportunities nationwide.

For more information, visit the 7 Valleys Custom Blends Top New Franchises listing, 7 Valleys Custom Blends blog, Custom Blends website, or contact Mark Tucci directly at 843-681-3966


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What is probably just as insidious as Big Tobacco advertising to kids is the current crop of pro-smoking weasels out there encouraging people to START smoking!

There is a smoking lobby discussion forum on the web (I won’t mention their name because they are truly disgusting and foul people) who actually use the following phrase in their emails:

“If you don’t smoke….START!” 

Mmm …a forum that, for it’s own selfish reason to exist, encourages people to pick up a habit. VERY CLASSY! It’s a shame that an issue that involves basically a freedom of choice brings out scum like this. With all the angles and mis-information out there here we have a forum that encourages people to start smoking as opposed to simply serving as a forum for discussion. Do these people reproduce? I certainly hope not.

Here at 7 Valleys Custom Blends we say:

“If you don’t smoke don’t start. If you do smoke, smoke smart!”

We are tobacconists and we have a soul. We don’t encourage people to start smoking, but if people choose to use tobacco, we certainly want them to choose our tobacco. At least you know what you’re getting.

There will always be people who choose to use tobacco. Anti smoking groups who twist scientific data to suit their views are just as vile as pro-smoking groups who twist freedom to suit theirs.

7 Valleys Custom Blends promotes freedom to choose. If you choose not to use, good for you. If you choose to use, choose Custom Blends.


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