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The ban on Kreteks, clove & flavored cigarettes is ridiculous, is an infringement on our rights and should be repealed immediately.

That’s the overwhelming consensus of our readers.

Valley Girl writes:

What can we do to get the ban of clove cigarettes lifted? I wont my freedom of choice back. How can the gov. just ban something? We could wake up tomorrow and find all tobacco products banned. Isn’t there anything we can do to stop this outrage.

lynette writes:

I smoke djarum black, and I agree they are hard to find as well as expensive. This isn’t about kids smoking, its about the government showing authority again. I feel that if they are going to ban one kind of cigarette they should ban them all

jodi writes:

Well I would like to say I smoke the flavor cigerettes and say its a bunch of shit when u cant do what you want. we are grown adults lets be real we dont tell fat people to stop eating so they dont need to tell us to stop smoking. No wonder i didnt vote for this president he is just like the rest of them useless.

sara writes:

I had been a smoker of the camel signature infused for a couple of years now and I am honestly shocked at the ignorance of politicians these days. Most people I know started smoking with Marborlo Lights so isn’t it logical to take those off the market? I mean honestly if adult smokers can’t choose to smoke something different (i.e. cloves or flavored tobacco) how many basic pleasures can the government take away from us?

I do not have children but I think that not having your children smoke is based solely on the parent. If you don’t keep an eye on them they were do all sorts of bad things. Children find new and different ways to get high and wasted every day. Since when is flavored tobacco the most important thing we have to worry about?!


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lj wrote: “Yes, it’s so wild how the government can come up with a bill like this. They must have future bills in mind because their is a lot of things that I can think of along the same line that would seem quite enticing to younger teens to young adults. For instance I can see in the very near future flavored chewing tobacco like peach, vanilla, berry, cherry, citrus, apple and all other flavored blends.

“Now for chewing tobacco is something like when you see a green apple can of dip, you would think like “hmm green apple like the jolly rancher I think I could give it a try, ” well in my own experience I found that it tastes just like a jolly rancher can hardly tell it’s dip (unless you swallow some). My point is that they are definitely are not stopping their. I agree alcohol (i.e. SMIRNOFF and all of their fruity beverages) will be next too.

“I see you guys talking about purchasing things internationally, but that will pry be taken away soon too now because The MAN with the plan you know what’s his name has control of their internet too now. Yes, I say control with no asterisk or a pair of parenthesis explaining that because when they wrote the bill they must have forgot to do the same when they said “emergency control.” Oh and Catherine Harris, you are the reason why I am registered as independent, I mean not to be too rough on you because I can’t tell if you are either extremely misinformed or just that dense to where you get all your so called *facts [bullshit] from a site called because I believe that President Obama signed the bill. Anyways I’m rambling don’t mean to turn this into a little flame thread.

“I have nothing to worry about though I smoke Newport Cigarettes and dip Grizzly Straight, but I think it was ridiculous to pass or even get this bill up to that point. I have a good friend who has smoked Djarum Specials for the longest now.”

T04z71 wrote: “Well, I’m a 40 year “old grown” up who enjoys a clove smoke now and again. I was shocked and dissapointed to hear of the ban.
“I too feel really discriminated against.
“There are so many other flavored things out there if this is really targeted at kids…
“I think this is an immature, knee-jerk government reaction to “do something about…something” and show us that they mean business!
“I feel bad for the Indonesian’s. Hopefully this doesn’t piss them off enough that we go to war with them next…
“Nothing we can do now except savor what we have left… Those of you loyal to the clove…perhaps we run into each other in Indonesia, hang out and smoke a bit.

“PS  Little strange that you can still buy smokes called “cigars” that are flavored…. for now.  I smoke to you friends. But, i’ll have to butt it out soon to save some for tomorrow”

Holly wrote: “I think all of this is crazy. I smoke cloves and I have for years. Why would children be attracted? They are the most exspensive pack you can buy. I live in Florida and they are 6.50 a pack. This is crazy. Why don’t we focus more on regular cigarettes. They are all over the US but no we focus on cigarettes that are already hard to find as it is.You don’t see ad’s in magazines or tv for cloves.

The bigger picture is focusing on American made cigarettes. Ban them! Alcohol probably takes more lives. Focus on the diferent vodkas they have to offer than cigarettes!(cherry, grape, apple, and etc!!  They appeal more to children.”


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Americans are voicing their outrage about the ban of flavored cigarettes including clove cigarettes & kreteks. Add your comment below.
Tom Wrote: “Is fruit flavored alcohol next?”

Alabama Girl wrote: “It’s sad to think we actually have a government that thinks if they ban flavored tobacco that it will solve under age smoking. I don’t recall in the 1920’s through present always having flavored tobacco?

“Although we have alot of our seniors that have been smoking since then.Yes, we’ve had alot that died of cancer from it but we have had alot that died from cancer that never even picked up a nicotine product.I don’t smoke nor have I ever…but if we have our military fighting for freedom everywhere and we don’t even have the freedom here at home what have we acomplished?

“It’s a sad life to live smoking I’m sure but it’s a choice and a freedom ! I nor anyone with a good head on their shoulders should have to have the government to say I can’t buy it to stop smoking. I understand it’s an addition but it was also a choice to start the addition ! From my understanding the flavored tobacco smoked to a hookah or waterpipe like many use it for is not as bad as a pack of cigarettes right? After All doesn’t our new president smoke? Does this law also apply to him?

“Myself knowing that if I started anything that I thought I’d be addicted to…I would never start it to begin with! ITS ALL ABOUT CHOICE!!!”

jean-paul wrote: “i smoke cloves but i certainly didnt start out as a kid and also if a kid chooses to smoke they certainly probably wont be smokeing cloves prolly normal cigs this is rediculous and socialistic”

Kirstie Pierce wrote: “I’m tired of our government making laws that prohitibit my freedoms, such as the choice to smoke cloves cigarettes at a legal age, for a little extra money from the tobacco lobbyists! Putting the innocent faces of the children in front of your law doesn’t make it any less than that.

“Underage smokers will smoke whatever they can get. I started at 14, not off the cloves I love today, but Newport cigarettes. Disgusting, fiberglass containing, hack-your-lungs-out, yet popular Newports. That’s exactly why I began smoking them, everyone in school had them! They were easy to come by. Not until I was of legal age to buy cigarettes did I even know cloves existed, and you’re trying to say that a cigarette children have never heard of is going to lure them into smoking somehow?”


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