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markjeff5001Smokers in Lancaster, PA will now be able to save money and enhance their enjoyment by rolling and smoking their own cigarettes made from Custom Blends 100%  farm fresh tobacco.  That’s also great news for those who have been driving to nearby York, PA to the original 7 Valleys Custom Blends shop.

Custom Blends Franchise Services LLC announced today the addition of 4 new franchise locations in Lancaster County PA with the awarding of an Area Development Agreement to Jamak Liberty Enterprises, Inc., a PA based company.

The first 7 Valleys Custom Blends store located in the Woods Edge Plaza in Manor Township is scheduled to open its doors in late July with the other stores expected to come online over the next 2-3 years as the market requires says Mark Tucci, Managing Partner of Custom Blends Franchise Services LLC from the company headquarters in beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC.

“The make your own cigarette market is ideal for the new consumerism sweeping the nation” says Jeff Bond, CEO of Jamak Liberty Enterprises, Inc. “Customers appreciate the all natural farm fresh tobacco experience without all the chemicals and additives in leading brands. They really appreciate the cost savings too!” he adds.

Custom Blends is a pioneer in the RYO (Roll Your Own) and MYO (Make Your Own) cigarette market. By making available their Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco and the widest selection of supplies, 7 Valleys Custom Blends’ customers save half or more off the cost of pre-manufactured cigarettes while making their own cigarettes at home with fresh all natural tobacco.

“Our business has exploded over the past few years.” Mr. Tucci says. “Between the decreasing quality and the increasing price of Big Tobacco cigarettes we are gaining more and more customers who realize they can save big money by making their own all natural cigarettes at home.” He continues “We have current customers making the long drive from Lancaster County to our existing franchise locations in York County. Locating in Lancaster County, Jeff will be able to service these existing customers and expand our market share.”

Started in 1993, and franchising since 2005 7 Valleys Custom Blends currently has 1 company owned store and 3 franchises all located in Pennsylvania. Custom Blends Franchise Services LLC offers individual franchises, Area Developments, and Master Franchise opportunities nationwide.

For more information, visit the 7 Valleys Custom Blends Top New Franchises listing, 7 Valleys Custom Blends blog, Custom Blends website, or contact Mark Tucci directly at 843-681-3966


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November 1, 2007 – 7 Valleys Custom Blends has announced opening plans for their latest franchise location in Shrewsbury. In addition to their first store in York and the newest in Shrewsbury, Custom Blends also has franchise locations in Gettysburg and Camp Hill.

Mark Tucci, President and CEO, states “Our growth is a reflection of the increasing market demand for our top quality additive-free roll your own tobaccos. We welcome the chance to more conveniently serve our existing and new York County and Northern Maryland customers.”

The owners of the newest franchise, Therina and Vince Himes, have nearly a decade of experience in the retail tobacco industry. Ms. Himes states: “We’ll be carrying many of the same products as the other franchises. These products have been popular in this region for more than 10 years. We already know the product, and since we have years of experience meeting customer expectations in York County, we have every confidence in our decision to open our new store in Shrewsbury.” Ms. Himes plans for an opening date of November 23rd.

The new location will be in the Epco Plaza, at 12 Constitution Avenue.

7 Valleys Custom Blends is headquartered in York, Pennsylvania. Custom Blends Franchise Services, LLC is headquartered in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. They are the providers of Custom Blends Farm Fresh Tobacco as well as a wide range of Make Your Own Cigarette tobaccos and supplies for customers who choose to smoke, and seek to avoid paying the increasingly high prices of pre-manufactured cigarettes. For additional information on their products visit their website at or call 888-BlendMe (888-253-6363).

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We’ve hit the big time, being featured in the Wall Street Journal.  Check out the whole franchise story on how we’re one of the companies making running a franchise easier than ever.

The franchising world is letting loose. Gone are the days of one owner being chained behind the counter of a single store day in, day out. Today, there are absentee owners who oversee their operations from laptops and Treos, and owners who maintain dual careers or run multiple franchises…

Even costs are more flexible, with investments ranging from as low as $10, 000 to more than $1 million, according to the International Franchise Association. That frees up owners to spread their talents around by opening multiple franchises, either of the same brand or even in different industries — a departure from the days when the rule of thumb for franchising was “one person, one store, ” says Ann Dugan, author of “Franchising 101” and assistant dean at the University of Pittsburgh business school.

In large part, technology has helped fuel the shift, making it easier for franchisers to replicate and spread their systems, as well as for franchise owners to keep track of their businesses wherever they are.

An unstable economy has also made the franchise model look more appealing with its entrenched systems and sales history; between 2003 and 2005, about 900 new franchising concepts were launched in such diverse fields as real estate, art education, construction and health care. Today there are an estimated 760, 000 U.S. franchised establishments generating more than $1.5 trillion in economic activity and producing one out of every seven jobs, according to the franchise association….

Likewise, Mark Tucci, 46, leads by example for his newly franchised company, Custom Blends Franchise Services, a seller of roll-your-own tobacco supplies based in York, Pa. Mr. Tucci lives in Hilton Head, S.C., where he keeps track of sales at his own store in York, often via his Treo 700w smartphone, and allows his two franchisees to also oversee their businesses from home. He says franchisers that require owners to be physically present in their stores “don’t put enough faith” in their owners’ abilities. “It assumes the franchisee doesn’t know how to remotely manage or hire effective managers who can manage in their place, ” Mr. Tucci says.

In part, the attitude shift is born out of necessity, as franchisers look to attract the best business talent in a digital age where working remotely is an accepted job perk, both among baby boomers who may be looking to slow down, and among younger workers who demand more work-life flexibility.

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